Gay hotel opens in Ireland

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Residents in the Irish town of Carlow have expressed concern after the country’s first gay hotel was launched in the area.

Cosmo Brown’s Gay Resort Hotel, to be opened next month, offering 19 rooms, a club, and a bar, aimed at the “pink pound” has been received with some scepticism from locals.

Carlow councillor Des Hurley told the Irish Independent, “I have found absolutely nobody in favour of it so far. Everyone is critical of it.

One publican said: “It’s generally seen as a joke here, and all it will do is open a massive can of worms here.”

A barman said: “I really don’t see the point. If it was a BB it might work but not a fully fledged hotel. It just won’t fit in here at all. And it definitely won’t have an impact on pubs here because I honestly can’t see anyone actually walking through its doors.”

The idea came from promoter Brian Berry, who approached the pub owner, Edward O’Donoghue, “I decided to go with it. Gay people need to be looked after too. The pink pound is very strong and hopefully it’ll be successful.”

Mr Berry said: “In any establishment you can get complications and objections, but at the end of the day, no matter what objections I get, I’ll continue.”

Earlier this year Axel Hotel Barcelona, the first urban designer hotel aimed at the gay community, expanded into Europe and America.