Navy officers march with gay pride

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Navy officers may be allowed to wear their uniforms at this year’s EuroPride event in London next Saturday, according to newspaper reports.

The ruling is rumoured to have come from Vice-Adml Adrian Johns as a way of encouraging more gay recruits.

Adm Johns said at a naval conference earlier this year, “A significant number of Royal Navy lesbian and gay personnel … are keen to give a strong personal signal that the Royal Navy is an inclusive employer of choice that welcomes and actively champions diversity in its workforce.”

“Our mission is to break down barriers of discrimination, prejudice, fear and misunderstanding.

“Not only is this morally right, it is also for us in a fighting force the best way to deliver maximum operational effectiveness.”

However, army and RAF personnel will not be allowed to wear their uniforms on the parade at a risk of bringing the services into disrepute, according to a document seen by The Sunday Telegraph, which views sexuality as a private matter.

The British military lifted its ban on gay personnel in 2000.