Tel Aviv hosts AIDS art exhibition

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

This August the Artspace hall will host the ‘Positive Photographers-Positive’ exhibition in the Israeli city Tel Aviv.

The exhibition, running until September 4, involves work that stems from the emotions and experiences of eight people living with AIDS in modern Israel.

The work is a culmination of a three month long workshop during which the aspiring photographers were guided by the expertise of two professional teachers Anat Dimant and Danya Weiner, in an attempt to develop work for the group to concentrate on.

Projects included self-portraits and creating personal images of what living with AIDS represents to the people in the workshop.

The workshop aimed to help the students to look inside themselves and their surroundings with a view to getting in touch with their feelings on a deeper level, and weekly meetings were utilised to enable those in the group to feel united.

Danya Weiner said that she felt that “there was a genuine and positive exchange on both sides” and that “everybody had learnt a lot from each other.”

There was no plan for the work to lead to to an exhibition to begin with.

According to Marco Brown, who travelled to the event, the workshop only led to an event when students contacted the Israeli AIDS Task Force.

The exhibition, which began on August 4, presents a number of pictures to the viewer dedicated to the communication of the emotions and ideas present in the photographer.

In order to help this communication the pictures are not attributed to anyone.

The exhibition has been supported with film stills and materials contributed by Limor Cohen, committee member of the Israeli AIDS Task Force,

Combined with the help of Guy Olami,at Artspace and curators Danya Anat and Jonathan Bosidan everything was finally prepared for the official opening on the 4 th of August for the exhibition.

At the entrance to the exhibition there is a plaque with the names of each individual who took part, and the date on which they were diagnosed as HIV positive.

The exhibition project also has the full support of pharmaceutical company Abbot, who claim to be a “global, broad-based health care company devoted to discovering new medicines, new technologies and new ways to manage health.”

Contact details for the Exhibition

Positive Photographers-Positive

Artspace. 19,Menachem Begin Street,Tel Aviv.Israel 03 5602492

4th August-4th September 2006