Stonewall surveys Welsh gay community

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Stonewall made use of the Cardiff Mardi Gras to support its All Wales lesbian, gay, and bisexual Survey 2006 last weekend.

The survey is a vital part of Stonewall Cymru’s ongoing campaign work to “ensure fair treatment for lesbian and gay people in Wales” with survey findings presented to the Welsh Assembly to help towards delivering better services to LGB people across Wales.

Stonewall Cymru spokesman Matthew Batten said: “We are still hearing appalling cases of discrimination towards lesbian and gay people in Wales.”

“It is only by knowing what the situation is like in Wales that we can take action and change things for the better,” he added.

The last survey had its findings published in the 2003 report Counted Out, and it highlighted the real problem still affecting Wales LGBT community with one in three respondents claiming to be the victim of physical violence or bullying.

In the 2003 report over half of those 18 to 25 reported being a victim of violence or bullying.

As a result of the report the Welsh Assembly was spurred into action to help address these problems.

The 2006 survey aims to up the data available from the 2003 report, it is still running online at Stonwall Cymru’s website.

The survey looks to analyse areas such as ‘Relationship and Community Participation’ and ‘Crime and Criminal Justice.’

Stonewall Cymru’s Cardiff Mardi Gras stall was able to ensure that over 200 people took part in the Wales only survey.

They are now looking to get more to take part in the survey to improve the reports findings.