BNP back anti-gay preacher

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The British National Party has come out in support of anti-gay protester Stephen Green, who was arrested at the Cardiff Mardi Gras for handing out leaflets condemning same sex relationships.

On their website the BNP has questioned the grounds for Mr Green’s arrest, and have noted how the BNP and Christian Voice share the same aims: “the Christian Voice Web site broadly echoes the BNP’s national outlook.”

This is despite Mr Green having been openly critical of the BNP in the past.

He told “they (BNP) can mind their own business. I don’t need their support and I don’t want their support.

“They’re only band wagon jumping.”

The BNP has spoken out in Mr Greens favour saying: “His crime? He was distributing Gospel tracts at a homosexual and lesbian event in Cardiff!”

Spokesman for the BNP Dr Phil Edwards, the National Press Officer, told the charges are “outrageous.”

“The man is telling the truth and quoting the bible. There is no hatred in what he is portraying, only the facts.”

Dr Edwards said that the BNP support Mr Green’s stance on homosexuality, saying that people should stick to being gay in their own homes.

Mr Green said that his arrest was “a gross infringement of his civil liberties.”

He also informed us that his hearing today was only to enter a plea of not guilty.

Christian Voice claims on their website: “Marriage vows don’t matter, half a generation of children are growing up without a father, the government is encouraging children into promiscuity, homosexuality and infertility, crime has soared, people seek escape in drugs, our hospitals are filthy, our politicians spend our money like water while we all live on debt, injustice is done in the courts and the poor are robbed by the national lottery.”

The BNP discourages homosexuality, arguing that it is unnatural.

“Our policy is tolerance towards homosexuality, plus we would reinstate section 28,” Dr Edwards told

“We would offer counselling to get people away from their deviant lifestyles, or ask them to become celibate,” he added.

The two groups have clashed in the past, with Mr Green denouncing the BNP saying: “Now we know for certain both that the BNP is inherently racist and that its racism is based firmly on anti-Christian Darwinian evolutionary theory.”

The BNP have claimed in retaliation that Mr Green has been brainwashed by the media.