Ghanaian gay leader attacks media

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The President of the Gay and Lesbian Association Ghana (GLAG) has claimed that the media has made up its coverage of an event that was due to be held in Accra.

Patrick McDonalds told The Crusading Guide newspaper that GLAG members were unaware of any international conference that was due to take place, and that the media had aggravated public hatred towards those with a same sex preference.

He also claimed that statements attributed to him by the media were untrue.

Mr McDonalds told reporters that the media had created the story, and that debate concerning the conference was nothing but speculation had caused trouble in Ghana.

The speculation appears to have begun last week when a spokesman claimed that the government was going to ban an international conference in Accra.

The original report of McDonalds complaint about his treatment by the media in The Crusading Guide has no quotes from him.

The Accra Mail claimed in August that GLAG allowed secondary school students to join, but Mr McDonalds denied this saying that membership to GLAG was only available to adults.

GLAG has over 500 members and several offices throughout Ghana.

Over the past few weeks the government has issued a claim that it would ban the conference, and has received backing for the move from both Christian and Muslim groups in Ghana.