Election support for Trans voters

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The upcoming US Congress elections on November 7th are poised to tip the balance of LGBT-supportive policymakers in office, activists have warned.

To increase the number of LGBT-supportive policymakers, the National Centre for Transgender Equality (NCTE) has released a new Voter Guide to educate and empower transgender voters about their rights to access the polls.

Trans people may find voting to be an intimidating process for many reasons.

The new “Voter Guide for Transgender People” is particularly urgent given the recent passage of several bills around the country that would require all voters to show government issued ID at the polls.

The ID requirement is of tremendous concern to many, especially for transgender voters who may have ID that does not match in name or current gender expression.

The Voter Guide contains information and resources to help individuals overcome voting barriers related to gender identity and expression, as well as other common obstacles faced by transgender people such as racial/ethnic discrimination, felony disentrancement, homelessness, language barriers, college voter barriers, and limited disability access.

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