Green with envy?

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Kids get them for throwing bricks through windows and the elderly have been known to receive them for attacking the ‘misguided’ youth.

A person can be given an ASBO if they are repeatedly perceived to be causing harassment in a public space. Stephen Green, director of the Christian Voice, proudly expresses his opposition to gay police officers and gay people.

He was arrested after distributing leaflets at Cardiff Mardi Gras and faced charges which were later dropped in court.

Now he’s been branded an official nuisance and police forces have been ordered not to respond to anymore of his requests for information.

Perhaps it’s time for Green to learn that harassment of any form is wrong; perhaps time for an ABSO?

Green has been to more gay pride events than many gay people.

His organisation is obsessed with the gay community and the way we live our lives.

With such an obsession, one wonders if the rich tapestry of gay life makes him green with envy?