Gays pitch their tent at Glastonbury

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NYC Downlow makes its debut at the one of the UK’s largest music festival today, bringing some gay sensibility to the muddy fields of Somerset.

The gay-subculture tent will be a haven in a sea of heteros over the weekend, and organisers say they want to recreate the look and feel of a 1970s Manhattan gay bar.

No-one will be admitted without a moustache, though fake ones can be purchased at the door.

There will be a re-enactment of the famous Stonewall riot, a tranny Olympics and, according to The Times,

“Steaming drains, flashing “don’t walk” signs and trannies with ‘taches; an homage to New York before it was Disneyfied, when it was still dangerous (and fun).

“Don’t miss the “vogue off”, with trannies trying to out-vogue one another. A “vogue ball” will feature winners in difererent categories including “butch queen at a festival.””

This is the first time a gay tent has been erected at the Glastonbury festival.