Prison Break star to come out says blogger

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Rumours have been flying for months that Prison Break star Wentworth Miller is dating out actor Luke MacFarlane, best known for his stint as actor Matthew Rhys’ boyfriend on ABC’s Brothers Sisters.

Now, the first photographs of the alleged couple have surfaced online, with blogger Perez Hilton claiming to have an exclusive that Miller is planning to come out.

But Miller has previously told the press he’s not gay when asked, insisting the real reason he doesn’t date is that his hectic shooting schedule doesn’t allow him any time.

In a recent interview while making the press rounds for Prison Break, co-star Dominic Purcell told reporters that Miller is ready to settle down and start a family when he finds the right woman.

But rumours surrounding Miller’s sexuality have been incessant since the hunky actor became an overnight sensation with the premiere of the hit drama.

Prior to the show’s debut, the 35-year-old Princeton University grad uate scored critical praise for his work as a young Anthony Hopkins in The Human Stain.

In the photos published by Perez Hilton, the two are shows sharing a laugh and the walk down the streets of Los Angeles. Photos of them leaving in the same car were also printed.

The producers of Prison Break have yet to make a statement on rumours of Miller’s sexuality.

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