Hate church given taste of own medicine

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In what some may see as an example of karma, the family of Reverend Fred Phelps awoke this morning to a pair of messages spray painted to a sign and a fence on the grounds of their Kansas church.

The message on the sign said, “God hates the Phelps,” while the message on the fence read, “God hates intolerance,” according to a report from the ABC television station in Topeka, Kansas.

Topeka Police were called to the Phelps compound, which houses the family’s Westboro Baptist Church, around 10 a.m. yesterday morning.

While investigating the grafitti, police discovered two fireworks-type devices, which prompted the appearance of a bomb squad.

The grafitti and bomb scare come just a day after a federal jury ordered the Phelps’ Westboro Baptist Church to pay Albert Snyder, the father of a fallen Marine, nearly $11 million (£5.4m) for protesting at his son’s funeral.

While leaving a Baltimore courthouse after Wednesday’s ruling, members of the church vowed that it would not deter them from protesting at military funerals.

“Absolutely, don’t you understand this was an act in futility?” Shirley Phelps-Roper told the Associated Press.

Phelps added that she and her family are confident the award will be overturned on appeal. “Oh, it will take about five minutes to get that thing reversed,” he said.

One of Snyder’s attorneys, Sean Summers, however, said he would do his best to make sure client receives the award. “We will chase them forever if it takes that long,” he told the Associated Press.

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