Homophobic bullying to feature on Teachers TV

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A special week of programming from a digital channel for teachers will explore ways to stamp out bullying in schools.

Highlights of the Anti-Bullying Week on Teachers TV later this month will include Coming Out To Class,a documentary presented by gay British rapper Marcos ‘QBoy’ Brito.

Originally broadcast by Channel 4 earlier this year, it investigates the realities of coming out in Britain’s schools.

While he is now considered a brave man for coming out in the traditionally homophobic world of hip hop, he felt completely unable to do this while at school.

QBoy embarks on a journey to investigate what it is like for children to come out to class, and how those at the highest level of the school system can ensure fairness and equality for all.

“I am happy that this programme has been made as I hope it will shed light on a much-ignored issue,” he told PinkNews.co.uk

“Homophobia may be banned from our workplaces, but unfortunately it is still rife in the playground.

“I hope the film not only breaks down the average teenager’s residual homophobia, but also instills some degree of confidence in those teens currently at school who associate with being LGBTQ, especially those being bullied as I was.”

Anti- Bullying Week on Teachers TV begins on Monday 19th November. All programmes are available afterwards to watch or download for free at www.teachers.tv