Clinton retains slight lead in delegate count

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Every delegate counts, Presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are finding, as the fight for the Democratic nomination continues the morning after Super Tuesday.

According to, at current count, Clinton has the slight edge over the Senator from Illinois-823 total delegates to his 731.

And while Clinton took several key states-among them California, Massachusetts and New York.

Obama had a particularly strong showing among black voters, leading to victories in Alabama, Georgia and a narrow win in Missouri.

Both Clinton and Obama are struggling to get even halfway to the 2,025 delegate votes needed to secure the nomination, and as many predicted heading into yesterday, Super Tuesday may have made the party more confused than ever about who will be the Democratic nominee.

On the Republican side, however, the win from Super Tuesday is more clear cut.

Though Mike Huckabee stole a fair number of evangelical votes in and around the bible belt, John McCain came out the clear victor, taking 559 of the 1,191 votes needed to secure his party’s nomination.

Mitt Romney is a distant second with 265 votes while Huckabee had a surprisingly strong showing at 169 delegates.

For Obama, his attention now turns to New Orleans for this weekend’s Louisiana primary. Clinton is expected to campaign in Maryland and Washington D.C.

Ross von Metzke

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