Lesbian couple delighted at birth of quads

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A lesbian couple who work at the Irvine Police Department in Orange County, California have become the parents to quadruplets.

Cristine Gaiennie and Patsy Lovell, who have a 2-year old son from the same anonymous sperm donor, conceived after seven failed attempts at artificial insemination.

Gaiennie, 39, who carried the babies, underwent ovulation induction to stimulate egg production before successfully giving birth to two boys and two girls earlier this month.

Gaiennie told the Orange County Register:

“It was a party in my fallopian tubes. We were just hoping for one, it took us a few weeks to get over the shock.”

Although Gaiennie initially lost a baby at eight weeks gestation, the pregnancy went smoothly and she continued working day shifts at the police department managing the city’s permit staff.

Lovell, 49, who was unable to carry any children, worked night shifts as a dispatch supervisor, in order to keep son Jordan out of childcare.

At 28 weeks, Gaiennie was admitted to St Joseph Hospital in Orange County where she took oral medication to prevent contractions until she reached 35 weeks when her doctor scheduled a caesarean.

On March 3rd Braydan James was born, followed by sister Avery Renee, Landan Paul and finally Addison Jo.

The quads are currently being cared for at Children’s Hospital of Orange County where they will remain in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit while they put on weight and master feeding.

Early on in their relationship the couple agreed they wanted to have children and were keen for son Jordan to have a full sibling.

While they were initially worried about the possibility of their children being teased at school, they were determined not to let their fear of criticism or discrimination factor into their decision to have another baby.

Lovell said: “We figured the benefits outweighed the risks and we just went for it.

“We’re just two people who love each other and wanted to have a family.”

The couple, who live in a 4-bedroom house in Placentia and have been together for five years, have received support from family, friends and their police department colleagues.

Neither parent intends to quit her job, choosing instead to stagger their maternity leave and continue working opposite shifts.

Gaiennie added: “We’re definitely done having kids. We got more than we bargained for. We hit the baby lottery.”