EastEnders Spoilers: Roxy moves in with Sean

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Albert Square is awash with problems this week. Resident party girl Roxy Mitchell returns to Walford having rekindled her romance with bad boy Sean Slater, much to Ronnie’s horror. Needless to say, the two sisters exchange a few choice words about Roxy’s decision to give psychotic drug addict Sean another chance. Will Ronnie change her sister’s mind? Or will pregnant Roxy finally break away from her controlling sibling once and for all?

You could be forgiven for feeling a little confused about this romantic reunion. It was only a few weeks ago that Roxy fled the square, vowing she never wanted to see Sean again. But will Sean now be dramatically transformed into a doting father-to-be and loving partner to Roxy? Somehow it seems unlikely, but then again, stranger things have happened in Walford.

Already fuming about her sister getting back with Sean, Ronnie is incensed when Roxy reveals that she is also moving into the Slater’s house with him. Unable to stop her leaving, Ronnie immediately sets about re-decorating Roxy’s old room at the Vic. The question is: how will both sisters really cope without each other?

Meanwhile, Bianca’s mysterious benefactor is still smothering the family with gifts. No one has a clue who it could be. The plot thickens when Bianca opens Whitney’s gym bag only to find £5000 stuffed inside. Has Whitney been Bianca’s mysterious guardian angel all along?

Terrified that her step-daughter is mixed up in a sordid drugs ring, Bianca confronts Whitney about the money. She is not prepared for the answer she gets. After trying to fob Bianca off with a cock-and-bull story about finding the money, Whitney is finally forced to confess that she found a winning lottery ticket in the square.

Quickly realising the ticket is the one Keith lost a few weeks ago, Bianca, Pat and Whitney make a pact not to tell anyone about the money – especially not Dawn. With Bianca’s notoriously big mouth, how will she manage to keep such a big secret?

Elsewhere, hapless Billy’s business plans go awry when wheeler-dealer Mo sells him some knock-off tropical fruit for his stall. He immediately regrets the idea when no one seems interested in buying it. But he soon comes up with an ingenious way to flog the fruit.

Billy’s efforts lead to one of the most shocking events on the square for some time –Ian Beale praises him. Are we seeing a new side of Ian’s character?

However, it wouldn’t be Albert Square if something awful didn’t happen to thwart Billy’s money-making plans. That problem comes along in the form of a tropical spider. It seems it’s a stowaway which arrived on the knock-off bananas Billy got from Mo.

Tragedy strikes when the spider ends up on Charlie. The poor bloke notices it just as the eight-legged intruder slip down his shirt. Screaming that the spider has bitten him, Charlie crumples to the floor and is rushed to hospital. Not surprisingly, Mo goes straight to Billy’s stall to confront him. Will Charlie be ok? And how will Billy’s business plans recover from this poisonous setback?

EastEnders Spoilers: Roxy moves in with Sean