Coronation Street: Fiz is shocked when John returns to Weatherfield

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Fiz and Kirk are busy planning a birthday bash for young Chesney. But Fiz is getting spooked by anonymous phone calls and starts to feel like someone is watching her. When she eventually hears the mystery caller speak she’s horrified to discover that it’s John Stape. What does on earth does he want?

Poor Fiz is mortified when John returns to Weatherfield. She’s so shaken that she can’t bring herself to tell anyone and just prays that he’ll disappear again – but no such luck.
John’s soon seen in the café and this news gets back to Sally. She wastes no time in telling Rosie. The two of them agree that they’d better tell Kevin before he spots John and does something stupid. What on earth is Kevin going to say when he finds out?

On the bright side, Chesney’s birthday party goes well. But the poor youngster’s disappointed that there isn’t even so much as a card from his mum, Cilla. The lad is soon jumping for joy though when he opens the front door and finds a brand new bike waiting for him. Could Cilla have come up trumps in the end? Or is someone else responsible for making the boy’s day?

Steve is working hard to try and get his feet back under the table at the Rovers. He cunningly uses Amy as a way of winning back the affection of Michelle. She agrees that they should act like nothing has happened when the young girl is around. Steve is buoyed up by the fact that they manage to have a pleasant morning and a normal family breakfast. He tells Lloyd that things seem to be looking up and he and Michelle could be getting back together. Lloyd is concerned that Steve is using his daughter to get back into Michelle’s good books.

Michelle is feeling the strain of having to pretend everything is OK in front of Amy. Carla points out that Steve’s using emotional blackmail. Michelle realises what’s going on and promptly orders Steve to pack his bags and leave. Is this the end of their relationship?
Jerry’s finding all his pill taking more than a little confusing. He soon loses count of the number of tablets he’s taken.

Mel is more concerned with the fact that she’s found out that Teresa’s partner Gary is in prison and that she was telling the truth about the domestic violence. Jerry still thinks it’s time Teresa stood on her own two feet and found a place of her own to live. But Teresa’s not keen to go and now that Jerry is feeling poorly she could use that to her own advantage.

Jerry soon takes a turn for the worse and collapses in agony. A panicky Teresa screams for help – Kevin dashes over and helps get Jerry to the medical centre where it becomes obvious that he hasn’t been taking his medication properly. Will Teresa use this as an excuse to stay?

Gail returns home this week to find her house suspiciously clean and tidy – it’s even been redecorated. Not surprisingly, she wonders what’s been going on in her absence. She can’t help but be impressed but her happiness soon turns to worry when she moves a plant and spots a cigarette burn. It’s time for the truth to come out.

David has is own suspicions to deal with too. He comes home at lunchtime to surprise Tina and finds her glued to the computer, but she’s not keen to tell him what she’s been doing on it. When this happens again later, David tells Darryl that he worries she’s hiding something. Is he right?

Jack tries to give some relationship advice to Tyrone. Now that should be worth hearing. He tells the lad that he’d be a fool to let Molly go. Aunty Pam turns up with a novel idea about how Tyrone can get his marriage proposal right this time – this is going to be interesting!
Coronation Street: Fiz is shocked when John returns to Weatherfield