EastEnders: Max and Jack compete for Tanya

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The gloves are off this week for Max and Jack, as the brothers fight tooth and nail over Walford bombshell Tanya. The increasingly confusing love triangle between Jack, Tanya and Max has now morphed into a love square, as Max uses Ronnie to get back at Tanya. Why Max still loves the woman who once tried to murder him is anybody’s guess. Equally, Jack’s sudden interest in mother-of-three Tanya, is more to do with the fact that she is his brother’s wife. Will a resolution be forthcoming? Somehow, we doubt it.

Max has used the children and he’s tried emotional blackmail. This week, he finds a new weapon to use against Tanya: Ronnie. She’s beautiful, single, oh and just happens to be Jack’s ex. You have to hand it to him, he’s nothing if not ingenious. His malevolent ploy seems to have the desired effect when he causes tension between Jack and Tanya.

However, Max’s pièce de résistance is a perfectly timed and executed lunch. Tanya and Jack are surprised when Ronnie turns up and appears to be Max’s lunch date. Jack and Ronnie are left alone together, as Max scuttles off to chat to Tanya about the children. Has Max played a master stroke? Or will his little stunt be the final straw for Tanya?

There’s more tension brewing between Roxy and Sean as Walford’s bad boy tries to win over the mother of his unborn baby. He’s going to have his work cut out for him, especially after hitting Roxy’s sister Ronnie. However, his efforts pay off, as later in the week the pair are seen kissing in the Vic – much to Ronnie’s disgust. Will Roxy regret taking Sean back? Or will they prove everyone wrong?

Elsewhere, Bradley makes a shocking discovery when he finds Clare’s discarded little black book in the bin. Inside the book he spots his name listed with pound signs drawn next to it. He realises Claire was just after his money all along and is a scheming, gold digger. It only took him about five months to figure out what the rest of the Square has known since day one! Never mind Bradley.

Later in the week, Clare asks Bradley for a tenner. With the contents of the black book fresh in his mind, he firmly says no. Stacey questions Bradley and he shows her Clare’s notebook – she is livid. Not surprisingly, when Clare comes over again, Stacey gives her a mouthful about the contents. Bradley asks Clare if the drama with Arnold was a con as well and Clare can’t meet his eye. Stacey and Bradley leave Clare feeling stung and embarrassed. How will Clare sweet talk her way out of this one?

Billy is feeling depressed about his inability to provide for his family. Honey does her best to cheer him up. As usual, while Billy sits about moping and navel-gazing Honey is being positive and proactive and has managed to get him an appointment with the bank manager. With Billy’s track record, will he be able to convince the bank manager of his business acumen?
EastEnders: Max and Jack compete for Tanya