Emmerdale: Katie goes into labour

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Perdy turns up at home with lots of baby items which immediately raises suspicions with Jonny. He heads to question Katie over Perdy’s involvement in the baby’s life. Katie explains exactly what’s going on. She tells him if things go to plan she will make Gray pay and she and the baby and Perdy will have enough money to get far away.

Johnny is shocked that the plan is so secret, not even Perdy knows anything about it yet. Will he keep this information to himself or will he blab?

Paul is battling with his conscience too. He doesn’t know whether to tell Gray about Katie’s plan.

Gray’s no fool, he knows something is going on. Summoning Paul to his home, he demands he spill the beans. Paul refuses, but despite this, it doesn’t take Gray long to realise that Katie’s planning something with the baby. He takes it upon himself to call the hospital and soon discovers that Katie has brought the date of the caesarean forward.
He soon gets chance to confront Katie about it, but she acts like she doesn’t know what he’s talking about – claiming that the hospital must have made a mistake.

As the tension mounts, Gray grabs hold of Katie and tells her that she won’t take his child away. Katie manages to escape and begs Matthew to take her to see Perdy. But in the car on the way there a panicky Katie is soon overcome with pain. She soon realises that she’s in labour. Will they make it to hospital in time? Will Katie be able to carry out her plan?
Elsewhere in the dales, Pollard is surprised when a health and safety officer turns up to look at the factory’s working conditions. Things don’t go too well. He soon notices that the fire door has been blocked and there are plenty of other outstanding issues.

Pollard has no choice but to send the workers home. The mystery being, who told the inspector that the factory had reopened?

Louise is not a happy woman. She has plenty to worry about after Jamie tells her that he’s thinking about whether they have a future together now that he knows the truth about her blackmailing. Will this be the end for the couple?

Gennie spots Chas on her way to work looking very dressed up. It seems she is keen to impress the visiting locum now that Paddy’s on holiday. Gennie spots the opportunity to do some matchmaking.

Later in the week the happiness Gennie has found living with the Dingles looks set to be short lived. Brenda turns up and demands that her daughter leave. Will the family be torn apart again?

Jo is still struggling on her own at the farm. Sam offers to help for free. Is Sam really starting to see Jo as far more than a friend in need?
Emmerdale: Katie goes into labour