Emmerdale: Matthew and Katie are held hostage at gunpoint

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Matthew has the shock of his life this week. A blast from his past turns up and points a gun straight at him. The situation quickly goes from very bad to absolutely terrible when Katie turns up and wanders right into the gunman’s range. Terrified, Katie and Matthew both find themselves with their lives in the hands of this mystery gunman. Who is he and what does he want?

While the drama is unfolding, Carl and Jimmy are growing increasingly concerned as to the whereabouts of their brother. They decide to head over to Home Farm to look for him. Once there, they are shocked to see the hostage situation unfolding. Will they risk their own lives to get Matthew and Katie to safety?

Over at the cafe, Doug is upset when Brenda snaps at him. Gennie quickly points out that her mum always acts like that when she likes someone. We’d hate to see how she speaks to people she doesn’t like then!

Doug takes an opportunity to help Brenda out in the café for a day. He then goes on to ask her out. Things don’t exactly go to plan for Doug and he’s left with the task of having to apologise to Brenda for his assumptive behaviour. As she pops off to get them a coffee so that they can chat, she can’t help but be alarmed as she notices that Doug doesn’t seem to be able to stop scratching his nether regions. Understandably, Brenda is alarmed by his actions, so much so, that she calls the police! But what’s really causing Doug’s discomfort? You probably don’t want to know!

Over at the Woolpack, things are a little more jovial. Marlon and Paddy are having fun winding everyone up about how uptight they’ve all become over the village show. Unfortunately for them, they’re the only ones finding their cheeky banter funny. Jamie’s the first one to point out that they’ve gone too far and he orders them out of the pub. Marlon and Paddy aren’t too happy with their eviction and it’s not long before they hatch a plan to get their own back on Jamie. Spotting what they think are Jamie’s prize vegetables, they pinch them and scarper. When the real owner of the veggies finds out, there’s going to be trouble in the dales.

It doesn’t take long for us to find out who the vegetables really belong to – Terry. He is not amused that they’ve done a vanishing act. He wastes no time in accusing Jamie of stealing them. As he searches for the lad to give him a dressing down he tells Marlon and Paddy what’s happened. Of course, it doesn’t take long for the real vegetable thieves to realise their mistake and make a hasty exit.

Meanwhile, Terry’s vowed to get his own back on Jamie. Borrowing Jamie’s dog whistle he causes mayhem as the dog obedience challenge is about to begin. The pooches are out of control and with hilarious consequences for us viewers. As the village show descends into chaos will Marlon and Paddy own up?
Emmerdale: Matthew and Katie are held hostage at gunpoint