Coronation Street: Carla regains her hold over Liam

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Carla’s got Tom over a barrel this week, after the bank knock back his request for a loan. She knows that her money is his only hope of saving the business, so she pushes for a 25 per cent stake in return. Tom is loath to take her money but with precious little choice left he is forced to close the deal with her. Will Tom live to regret this decision?

Liam is livid when he discovers that Tom has done a deal with scheming minx Carla and so is once again beholden to her. He immediately tells her he wants her out of the business and will repay her. But when Liam checks the business accounts he realises that without Carla’s money they will lose the contract. Will Liam put his marriage to Maria first? Or has Carla found another way to worm her way back into his life again?

Later in the week, Tom admits to Liam that he fancies Carla and thinks he might stand a chance with her. Liam’s reaction is nonchalant but when he sees them flirting together in the Rovers it’s clear that Liam’s narked. Does he still have feelings for the scheming temptress?

Meanwhile, John’s in shock following the sudden death of his grandmother. He’s so grief stricken that he gives Fiz the brush-off when she approaches him for a chat. Knowing how close he was to his grandmother, Fiz begins to worry about how John will cope and decides to take a sickie from work to attend the funeral with him. Will John open up to Fiz?

After the funeral, John admits that he couldn’t have got through it without Fiz. As emotions run high, he confesses that he regrets ruining their chance of happiness together. Will Fiz give John another chance and let him into her heart?

Elsewhere, it’s Mel’s first day as a fully-fledged copper, but she is still wracked with guilt about what happened to Abi. Matters are made worse when Mel discovers that Abi’s injuries mean she is limited to doing a desk job. Gutted, she tells Mel that if she can’t be a proper police woman she’ll quit the force altogether. Mel can’t help but blame herself.

As the guilt starts to get the better of her, Mel decides she just can’t face going in to work and goes to drown her sorrows in the Rovers. As the evening wears on, she heads for a taxi but refuses to say where she’s going. Teresa and Darryl decide to follow her and are shocked to hear she’s heading back to the club where Abi was injured. What is Mel up to?

Meanwhile, Dev is coming to the end of his tether with Nina. Her reckless attitude threatens to reveal their affair and lose him his job. He swears he’s going to finish the affair but will he have the bottle to go through with it? We doubt it somehow.

Later in the week, the adulterous couple sail close to the wind when Prem turns up at Dev’s place after he falls late for a meeting with him. Dev is forced to hide Nina in the bedroom with her husband just feet away. Is he about to find out that his wife and business partner have been doing the dirty behind his back?
Coronation Street: Carla regains her hold over Liam