Hollyoaks: Mercedes discovers she may have HIV

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Malachy knows he needs to be a brave man this week. He has to tell Mercedes that he may have infected her with HIV, but quite understandably, he’s dreading the thought of starting that conversation.

Mercedes soon finds out the truth of her own accord and confronts Malachy about it at the Dog. In full public view she forces him to admit that he may have infected her with HIV.

A distraught Mercedes then seems to hit her self-destruct button, as she’s just unable to come to terms with the shock. Jacqui eventually persuades her sister to go for a test, so that she can find out the truth one way or another.

Russ is still coming to terms with the fact that he’s baby Max’s dad. He tells Tina that fatherhood is going to take some getting used to. He assures Tina that she and Max can stay with him for as long as they need. But what’s going to happen in their future?

Dom is not taking the news of Tina’s adultery too well. Tony tries to persuade him that he’s better off without her.

Mandy tries to take Dom’s mind off Tina by encouraging him to explore some extra-curricular activities, and when she spots Elliot with a metal detector, she thinks it’s just the ticket.

Amy has some news for Josh too. In a bid to get Ste out of her life forever, she’s decided that she’s going to have her pregnancy terminated. The only thing is she hasn’t told her dad yet. What on earth is he going to say?

When the day of the abortion arrives, Amy starts to get cold feet. Josh tries to persuade her to go ahead with it and tells her that she’s doing the right thing. But does he only have his own interests at heart here?

Darren’s feeling guilty about the way that Cindy has behaved. He tries to make things up to Newt, but Newt is in hiding. The poor young lad is terrifies that Eli has come back to find him.

Darren also has a plan for Frankie and Jack. He tries to get them to have a special meal together to discuss the possibility of them moving away to live in Spain. Could this be the answer to all of their troubles?

Carmel and Calvin return from their honeymoon this week too. We wonder what married life has in store for them on their return to Chester.
Hollyoaks: Mercedes discovers she may have HIV