Prosecution rubbish rape past of Mr Gay UK accused of killing and cooking his victim

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The prosecution in the case of a former Mr Gay UK accused of murder and cannibalism today rubbished the defendant’s claims that he was having a flashback of an earlier rape while allegedly killing his victim.

Anthony Morley, a chief is accused of the murder of a gay man .The court was told that Morley, a chef, had seasoned and cooked some of Mr Oldfield’s flesh and chewed a piece before discarding it.

Mr Morley said that he had a steady girlfriend when he won the first Mr Gay UK competition in 1993 and his lawyer claimed that he was conflicted about his sexual orientation.

Prosecution barrister, Andrew Stubbs QC said that Mr Morley, 36 could not come to terms with his sexuality and killed Damian Oldfield after cooking for him and watching film Brokeback Mountain.

The court heard claims that Mr Morley’s defence that he was raped as a child.

Mr Stubbs said that Mr Morley was unconscious and then awoke realising that Mr Oldfield was raping him.

Mr Stubbs said Morley’s claim that he was raped as a teenager was a “nonsense” and rubbished Morley’s claims to have had flashbacks to that time when he killed Mr Oldfield, 33, of Bramley.

Morley claims he woke to find Mr Oldfield performing a sex act on him and feared he would be raped.

Morley slit Mr Oldfield’s throat and repeatedly stabbed him before carving off pieces of his leg and chest.

The sous chef then seasoned some of the leg meat with herbs, fried it in olive oil and chewed it.

The court was told that there was no sign of struggle and that it was possible that the victim was attacked from behind.

Morley later went to a takeaway restaurant and asked for the police to be called.

Morley was reported to have said to police: “It’s this lad, he tried to rape me so I stopped him.”

While admitting it was “a terrible, horrific and bizarre killing,” Mr Smith said today that his client was provoked by Mr Oldfield’s actions on the night.

The case continues.