Spanish military LGBT activist releases gay calendar

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Albert Marchena and made history by being part of the first ever same-sex civil ceremony to take place between two military men in Spain in 2006.

The Spanish Air Force private, 29, is now no longer with his partner, a fellow private, but has drawn media attention once again by producing a potentially controversial gay calendar.

Mr Marchena’s calendar, Arcoiris, contains images of gay men embracing on an altar wearing only dog collars, a naked angel in a cemetary, and a transsexual crucifixion.

Other, more secular images also feature, with one picture featuring a naked man chained to the front of an army tank.

Mr Marchena says he is determined to challenge conservative perceptions of the Roman Catholic Church and the Spanish military through his calendar.

Mr Marchena told Spanish newspaper 20Minutos:

“I’m promoting tolerance and equality and this is a way of showing that we can all be united in one place, in this case on the pages of a calendar.

“They are very artistic photos but I admit the Church won’t appreciate them.

“There are a lot of gays in the military and I’m not afraid to say so even if it means I lose my job over it.

“I will continue to fight for equality.”

The calendar will be released tonight. Proceeds from its sales will be donated towards AIDS charities and other charities for children.