Hollyoaks Spoilers: Can Warren and Mandy keep their affair secret?

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It’s not a great start to the week in Chester for Myra as she reflects on last week’s traumatic events. She’s clearly distraught about the whole affair, but she does her best to console her nearest and dearest. Will the McQueen’s get over the shock of recent times?

Elsewhere in Hollyoaks, Cindy does her best to find out what exactly has been going on at the Dog recently. It’s not going to be easy for her though. Darren’s keeping tight lipped about the mess the Osbornes are in. He tries to bat off her questions. But will he crack and tell her the truth?

Darren has more than Cindy’s persistent questions to worry about though. He’s concerned that the police are going to catch up with him. He’d certainly have a tough time trying to talk his way out of his family’s shenanigans!

Malachy is desperate to hear news about Mercedes. He’s also concerned with Kris’s seeming lack of grief over the death of their father. Will he confront him about it?
Later in the week, we see Malachy and Kris preparing to return to Ireland. What will that trip have in store for the brothers?

Justin and Ste are in an unusually reflective mood this week as they discuss recent events in their lives. Justin’s keen to share news of his fling with an older woman. Ste tells his mate all about his anger management sessions. Let’s hope that they’re doing some good.
Things seem to be eventually going well for love’s young dream – Josh and Amy. While Josh looks forward to seeing Amy he pens a song about his feeling for her. Rhys spots that Josh is pining and suggests he invite Amy around after school to spend some quality time alone with her. It looks like this relationship could eventually be going somewhere.

One relationship that is certainly eventful is that of Warren and Mandy. The two are still carrying on behind Louise’s back. When Warren spends most of the day hovering around Mandy, the attraction between them seems to be becoming obvious. Mandy can’t resist the attention and closes Evissa early for an afternoon fling. Are these two about to be caught in the act?

Hollyoaks Spoilers: Can Warren and Mandy keep their affair secret?