Emmerdale Spoilers: Shane Comes to a Sticky End

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Jasmine realises that Shane has strayed onto the wrong side of the law and she goes to Shane’s flat to seek out evidence, which she finds in drugs and money. But it turns nasty when Shane returns and finds her hiding in a cupboard and starts to make demands. He is about to rape her when Debbie comes to the rescue – but goes to far when hitting him over the head with a chair, and kills him.

They have to find a way out of the mess and rope in Eli to help them dispose of his body. He orders a deep clean of his apartment and packs a case to make it look like he was going to do a runner.
Jasmine starts to crumble under the pressure and Debbie and Eli discuss what to do with Shane’s body. Will they get away with murder?

Marlon insists that Donna takes Ross) with her to quiz the MacFarlanes. However, Donna decides to limit Ross’ involvement to an alibi at work and heads off to the club. Gary MacFarlane feigns cooperation as Donna looks around but it’s clear that he’s trying to intimidate her. Donna returns to the Dingles’ with no further news. Chas is annoyed but Donna fires back that everyone has their own problems. Can Chas ever hope to find her son and will Donna risk further Dingle turmoil by fronting out her marriage problems?

Paddy catches Ross and Donna kissing and she tries to convince him that this is more than a fling. She also says that Marlon returns home she will be breaking up with him. Paddy pours scorn on them and tries to convince Donna to stay in her marriage.

He also tells Ross that he will not let him ruin Donna and Marlon’s marriage. When he tells him that he will never be able to give her stability, family and lifelong commitment, all the things that Marlon can, Ross is pained to know that he is right. Can Donna and Ross forget their affair and return to their everyday lives?
Emmerdale Spoilers: Shane Comes to a Sticky End