Coronation Street Spoilers: Becky becomes Miss Popular!

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Molly and Tyrone are getting married but will it all go to plan? Tyrone gets himself into a fix by helping out Pam – and ending up being arrested for handling stolen goods. Jack manages to persuade the policeman to let him go until after the ceremony, while Molly is astounded at the horse drawn carriage waiting to take her to the church – and amazed that her groom has gone to so much trouble for their big day. Tyrone gets there on time, only to faint under the stress of his arrest. But was the police officer all that he seemed?

As the couple head for their reception they are on cloud nine until Jackie Dobbs turns up and runs off with the honeymoon present given to them by Kevin and Sally!

Elsewhere, Peter has invited Leanne over to watch a DVD with him and Simon and buys a couple of pizzas and some wine in anticipation of the evening. But when Leanne is late he decides to make a start on the wine himself. However, Leanne talks to Deirdre and discovers that Peter has gone to a great deal of effort to plan a nice evening for the two of them. His thoughtfulness pays off though and it isn’t long before he and Leanne are kissing passionately.

Steve is angry and fed up that he has lost Becky– who has told a persistent Jason that she always finds herself second best and that Sarah will always be his number one. Steve sets up JD to make a pass at Michelle – telling him their marriage is on the rocks. When it doesn’t go to plan, JD tells her what Steve has said so she goes back to the pub to demand some answers. Steve finally admits he doesn’t love her any more – omitting to tell her he is in love with Becky. But later during a heated row with Steve over Liz, Lloyd gets sick of Steve’s double standards and blurts out the whole sordid story to Michelle – how will she react?

Meanwhile Becky is stunned to discover that not only has Steve dumped Michelle but Jason has started divorce proceedings from Sarah – from being everyone’s second choice she seems to have jumped up the charts to number one finally. So how will this leave Steve – has he left things a bit late?

Anna asks Gary to take down the Christmas lights as she is sick of the earache she is getting off Gail Tina is not best pleased when Gary arrives at the house and asks if he can get into the bedrooms to dismantle the lights, but it isn’t long before he starts to charm her and persuades her to make him a cup of tea – against her better judgement Tina finds herself warming to him. David isn’t at all pleased when he comes home to see her siding with the enemy.

Tina’s attention, however, is soon turned from Gary when she discovers that her dad has been living in his lock up – she demands to know the truth about his financial situation. Joe admits he is in a financial mess, and insists he will sort himself out – managing to manipulate an oblivious Gail into asking him to move in with her.

Elsewhere Fiz confesses to Julie that John has been writing to her from prison and deep down she still loves him, and Bill, Joe and Eddie start up a darts team.