Facebook slams homophobic groups

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Social networking site Facebook has responded to calls for two Serbian homophobic groups to be removed from the web.

UK Gay News last week revealed that two Facebook groups, “Queeria, Pederi Marš iz Srbije”and “СТОП ПЕДЕРИМА – КВИРИЈИ!” were actively promoting homophobic abuse.

Users of the groups posted death threats to gay and lesbian Serbians, and called for attacks on gay people and their properly.

The members of the group also sent hate mail to LGBT activist leaders, and publicised their names, addresses and telephone numbers, raising serious concerns about security and proper use.

These two groups have since been removed from the site.

A UK spokesperson for Facebook told UK Gay News that eight more homophobic groups are currently under investigation for violation of the site’s terms of use.

“The Facebook team is monitoring this particular matter closely and will certainly take groups down that violate its Terms of Use,” the spokesperson said.