Lawrence King murder suspect denied access to files

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14 year old murder suspect Brandon McInerney’s lawyers requested that a judge allow them access to files demonstrating how prosecutors decide to try under-18s as adults in court.

McInerney stands accused of shooting classmate Lawrence King in February, who was reportedly openly gay and sometimes wore ‘feminine’ clothing to school, at a junior high school in Oxnard, California.

The shooting allegedly took place after the deceased asked McInerney to be his valentine.

The accused is also facing trial for committing a hate crime.

McInerney is currently being charged as an adult, and yesterday, their discovery motion seeking information about the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office prosecutes minors as adults was turned down.

Scott Wippert of United Defense Group, who is representing McInerney in court, told the Ventura County Star:

“It’s a scary world to think that a DA has unfettered discretion to do whatever they want.”

He claims that prosecutors did not investigate McInerney’s school or family life, which violates the defendant’s constitutional right to due process.

Maeve Fox, Senior Deputy District Attorney, said that the attorney’s request was not something they are entitled to by law.

She said: “Guess what? They aren’t entitled to know what is mulling around in the DA’s mind.

“They have zero, no, legal basis for getting this material.”