I let down gay youngsters, George Michael says

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George Michael says he wants to make amends to the gay young people he’s let down over the years.

The singer said that gay children had to witness the “homophobia” directed towards him every time he slipped up. He added his controversies had prevented him from defending the rights of LGBT youngsters.

Michael has been arrested twice for outdoor sex and convicted for drug and driving offences. Last year, he spent four months in prison after crashing his car while under the influence of cannabis.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, the star said: “It’s really a matter of thinking what can I do to contribute as a gay man, because I have a serious problem with the fact that every time I would let myself down I felt definitely that I was letting young gay people down, because they would then witness the homophobia that is thrown at me and the wording of that homophobia and the language that is being used.

“So I have some plans to try and do things to help gay kids and I think we’re a notoriously bad community at helping our own when it comes to children because we don’t have any children.”

He added that he wanted to “make up for some of the damage” he had caused.

Michael also announced that he wants to assemble a “gay collective” to help him record his next album, although he would not say which musicians might be involved.

Today, he announced that he will begin a ‘Symphonica’ tour at a number of opera houses with a full orchestra.