Mary Portas calls Cabinet women ‘an ugly bunch’

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Retail guru Mary Portas has called David Cameron’s female cabinet ministers ‘an ugly bunch’.

The lesbian presenter, who was appointed by Mr Cameron to help save small shops, said ministers including Theresa May, Baroness Warsi and Caroline Spelman need a bit of “sex and glamour”.

According to Heat magazine, Portas said: “I mean, what an ugly bunch. I could not look at them. They do dress up for my meetings, but I just want to go, ‘Please no, not that necklace, not that skirt’.”

Instead, she said they should take a leaf from French female politicians.

“‘They’re like, ‘wow’, aren’t they?” she said. “What do we have? I’d say let’s just put a bit of sex and glamour in there.”

The straight-talking presenter, who recently tied the knot with Grazia magazine’s fashion editor-at-large Melanie Rickey, also took aim at Cheryl Cole and the Duchess of Cambridge.

Of the duchess, she said: “I think she’s done an incredible job globally but I do not know how you can say she is a fashion icon. I just don’t get that.”