Last chance to nominate for our list of the most influential LGBT Twitter users

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Today is the last chance to tweet your nominations for the most influential LGBT figures on Twitter, as submissions close at 5pm (GMT) this evening. has teamed up with social media ranking service PeerIndex to draw up a list of the most influential Twitter voices, and we have been inviting nominations from around the world.

Hundreds of nominations have poured in so far, from the little-known to the world-famous.

To nominate, simply tweet the usernames of the people you want included on the list and the hashtag #pinkpeople11; we will do the rest.

So to nominate, you would simply tweet: “@pinknews #pinkpeople11″

You can nominate as many people as you like, in any country, as long as they positively shape the way you hear or feel about LGBT issues.

The people you nominate do not need to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender themselves, as long as they are an individual with an impact on your LGBT life online.

Users only need to be nominated once to be included in the running; the number of extra nominations will not affect the outcome.

When submissions close later today, will collate nominations from the Twittersphere and PeerIndex’s unique ranking system will draw up an authoritative list of whose voices have the furthest reach and biggest impact online.

PeerIndex measures your status and reputation across the social web.

The social ranking service won The Grand Prix award at this year’s Europas and offers insights for social media users and brands about topic communities and influencers.

Remember, tweet your nominees’ usernames with the hashtag #pinkpeople11 before 5pm today and look out for the results at Christmas.

Last chance to nominate for our list of the most influential LGBT Twitter users