Video: founder Benjamin Cohen’s Grandparents come @Out4Marriage

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One of the launch videos of the Out4Marriage campaign was recorded by the Grandparents of founder and Channel 4 News correspondent Benjamin Cohen.

After recounting how the couple met in 1947, 82-year-old David Green says: “We have four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Two of our grandchildren are happily married. One of our grandchildren, should the occasion arise, I’m sure would like to get married but under the present law he would be unable to because he’s gay.”

81-year-old Norma Green adds: “We think the law should be changed so to allow gays or straights to be married with the same rights as a straight couple.”

Benjamin Cohen told “As soon as I told my Grandma and Grandad about the idea for the campaign, they immediately said that they wanted to film something. Equal rights has been something that has always been important to them, I guess in part because there has been at least one openly gay person on my Grandma’s side of the family in each of the past three generations.”

The video can be found on YouTube here