California watchdog approves $49,000 fine for anti-marriage equality group

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A campaign watchdog agency in California yesterday approved a $49,000 fine against the campaign committee for Proposition 8.

Proposition 8 is the 2008 ballot measure which banned marriage equality in California.

The state Fair Political Practices Commission came to the decision that the campaign committee ‘ – Yes on 8’ did not correctly file public reports disclosing last-minute contributions to their campaign and political cheques of over $5,000.

As reported in the Los Angeles Times, it was also said that the committee failed to properly dispose of an anonymous $10,000 contribution. On investigation, it was discovered that over $1 million in contributions was not properly reported.

The campaign committee admitted to violations and agreed to pay the fines.

However, Los Angeles LGBT activist Ellen Sturtz said the fine was “modest” and pleased with the commission to make deeper investigations.

Ms Sturtz suggested they investigate whether the campaign and an associated national group had violated further laws, and that any evidence should be referred to the US Justice Department.

She said: “I come here today, urging you to do your utmost to protect our democracy against those who have contempt for it, us and our laws.”

Gary Winuk, the commission enforcement chief said; however, that the investigation had brought to light no new evidence of extra wrongdoing and thus no further action could at present be taken.