PinkNews founder takes part in ground breaking Channel 4 show

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The founder of, Benjamin Cohen, has been a guest on this week’s hit Channel 4 show, Jews at Ten, alongside various other straight Jewish celebrities.

The former Channel 4 News Technology Correspondent, who left the programme earlier this year, and is currently working on a brand new online business, talked about his own experiences of being gay and Jewish in an episode about relationships.

Celebrities taking part also included comedian David Baddiel and the BBC Radio 2 presenter Vanessa Feltz

In an interview with the Jewish Mother website, about his appearance on Jews at Ten, Cohen said:

“I had an opportunity to explain what it’s like for someone like me, someone who is both gay and Jewish, the ultimate niche within a niche! As I said in the programme, the expectation is still for you to find a Jewish partner, despite the fact that there really aren’t that many to go around!”

Cohen continued: “But it seems that everyone nowadays knows someone who is gay and people do try to set me up with ‘so and so’s son whose gay’, despite the fact that they’d be totally unsuitable. At least in the straight Jewish community, there’s a lot more choice when people are trying to shidduch you up.”

Before launching in 2005, Cohen started the website, an early social networking community which later became