Jim Davidson arrested by sexual abuse inquiry police

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The controversial comedian Jim Davidson has been arrested by police investigating allegations of sexual abuse. Last year, Davidson weighed in on the Jimmy Savile scandal by suggesting gay entertainers are more likely to be sexual abusers.

The 58-year-old former TV game show host decided to link the issue to homosexuality in a blog post about the recent Panorama documentary concerning child abuse allegations involving Savile and the decision of Newsnight to scrap an investigation into the subject.

Davidson’s solicitor said he “vigorously denies” the allegations against him. The BBC reports that Davidson was arrested alongside another man over allegations unconnected with the Savile claims.

After criticising the BBC’s decision to scrutinise itself via the Panorama programme, Davidson wrote of Savile: “A bloke who’s a loner dresses and acts like a nonce and thinks he is the most important person in the world.

“Hmmm. I knew… and didn’t do anything. Mind you I had no proof. To me he was just another pervert”.

Davidson then added: “There are lots of them in showbiz. There seems to be more gay ones than straight, but that’s because there are probably more gays in showbiz than most professions”.

Davidson has a long history of making deeply offensive remarks under the guise of humour.

Along with racist and sexist jokes, he has often made homophobic comments.

In 2007, Davidson walked out of ITV1′s Hell’s Kitchen after a row with fellow contestant Brian Dowling, which saw the gay Big Brother star break down in tears.

It was after Davidson started a conversation about “shirt-lifters”.

Last week it was announced that he is due to star in Celebrity Big Brogther, hosted by Brian Dowling.

Davidson also revealed that he had sex with a ‘lady-boy’ and claimed that this proved that he isn’t homophobic.

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