Update: Cincinnati teacher sacked for refusing to recant statement supporting equal marriage

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

The Assistant Principal at a Catholic school in Cincinnati has been sacked, for refusing to recant statements he made in support of equal marriage for gay people.

According to reports, Mike Moroski, Assistant Principal of Purcell Marian High School, was placed on administrative leave on 4 February, by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, and has now been dismissed, for offering his personal support to equal marriage.

The Archdiocese said he had exercised “poor judgment”, and had gone against the teachings of the Catholic church.

In a post in question was published on 27 January titled Choose Your Battles, Mr Moroski, 34, wrote on his conclusion that LGBT people should have equal marriage rights, and that despite being a devout Catholic, he used his conscience when considering the issue of gay rights.

He also referenced an early post about President Obama, speaking at his inauguration, during which said “our journey is not complete” until equal rights for gay people is reached.

A press release on his website now reads that he was given an ultimatum by the diocese – to sign documents recanting the opinions written in the original post, and keep his job, or face potential termination from the position.

He writes: “As a proud Catholic, I’m heartbroken that my belief that all committed, loving couples should be able to make a public pledge to take responsibility for each other for a lifetime has led to this ultimatum. The expressions of solidarity I have already received from Catholic priests, sisters and justice leaders in the community strengthen my faith during this difficult time.

“Due to my formation in Catholic grade school, high school and three Catholic universities – not to mention my marriage to the best Catholic I know, my relationship with numerous clergy and a devout Catholic family – I have firmly rooted my life in the Gospel principles of love and justice.

He concludes: “After twelve years of working with teenagers whose respect I have earned, I simply can’t teach them the wrong lesson now and deny my convictions. I would not be able to look them in the eye. I have tried to instill a sense of faith and fortitude in all of them regarding issues of justice for my entire adult life. I did not turn down the Archdiocese’s terms in spite of my faith. I turned them down because of my faith.”

He has hired an attorney, despite admitting that he broke the Archdiocese’s policy on social media.

Mr Moroski was in his second year at Purcell Marian High School, after teaching English at another school for ten years.