Niall Horan really wants you to care about his music and not just his ‘bubble butt’

Niall Horan has a "bubble butt" and he's aware of it. That's it. That's the tweet. (Jacopo Raule/Getty Images)

Former One Direction star Niall Horan has a problem; fans won’t stop appreciating him for his butt.

In getting to the bottom of this problem, we first have to rewind. After the boyband broke, Horan released his first solo single in 2016, ‘This Town’.

He’s since dropped a number of singles and albums, forging a folk-style version of pop, and is currently working on launching his second album, Nice To Meet Ya.

‘Bubble butt, bubble, bubble, bubble butt.’

While musical talent certainly does help in launching a solo career, it’s safe to say some of Horan’s fans have enjoyed a little more than his music over the years.

Exhibit A:

And Exhibit B:

Niall Horan sarcastically asks we ‘forget’ about his music and ‘focus on [his] arse’.

Back to the present day, during a recent gig, a fan uploaded a video of Horan passionately singing one of his old singles, ‘Slow Hands’, and another fan jumped in with a crucial observation.

“We need to appreciate Niall’s butt more [shake my head],” they tweeted.

Horan himself, however, was not too keen about this comment.

He replied: “Yeh, I agree. We need to forget about my songwriting, musicianship, creative being and just really focus on my arse.”

While the fan quickly clarified that they were only “kidding”, Horan’s acidic sarcasm incited many to discuss the ways in which musicians are objectified by fans and the media alike.

Pockets of fans rallied together to form the Niall Horan’s Butt and Music Appreciation Society.

Some brought up how other artists are routinely objectified for their bodies:

While others stepped in to Horan’s defence, arguing that regardless of gender identity, if an artist does not wish to be objectified they have every right not to be: