US radio host: ‘STIs and anti-gay violence prove that God thinks homosexuality is wrong’

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A US radio host, and leader of a prominient anti-gay group, has spoken on the radio to say that he takes “reassurance” that the gay community are affected by violence, and by STIs, suggesting it is a sign from God that being gay is wrong.

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, spoke on ‘Coach’ Dave Daubenmire’s show late last week.

He said that he thought it was “reassuring” that the gay community is impacted as such, suggesting that it is conformation that “God Believes [being gay] is an abomination,” reports Right Wing Watch.

He expanded on the point to suggest that support for LGBT rights was a minority, comparing the “liberal left” and the “homosexual movement”, to “spoiled children”, saying that none will “say no to them”.

“If it really is a detestable behavior as God says, you’d expect it to be linked disproportionately to disease, we see lots of gay-on-gay violence, domestic violence,” he continued. “There’s no logic to the liberal left, they are all about doing whatever the homosexual movement wants, it is like spoiled children but nobody wants to say no them.”

LaBarbera previously weighed in on the debate about equal marriage, commenting on a TIME magazine cover featuring a gay kiss, and calling it a “perversion”.

The cover of the latest edition of TIME magazine was revealed at the end of March, and features an image of same-sex couples kissing, accompanied by the text: “Gay marriage already won”.

He previously appeared on the Janet Mefferd Christian radio show, and said that “gay activists” are “the most intolerant people on the planet”, and that they are “up there with the jihadists”.