Video: US televangelist wants Facebook to install ‘vomit’ button for pictures of gay men kissing

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US Televangelist Pat Robertson spoke against equal marriage during his programme on Monday, joking that Facebook should install a “vomit” button to represent his reaction to pictures of gay people kissing.

He later said that being gay should be punishable in the same biblical way as incest and bestiality, by stoning.

Speaking in the video, posted by Right Wing Watch, Robertson said: “Do you like that?” Robertson asked, responding to a question from a viewer who asked if clicking “like” meant “condoning the behaviour.”

“Well that makes me want to throw up. To me, I would punch ‘Vomit’ not ‘Like’ but they don’t give you that option on Facebook,” he continued.

In a later segment, Robertson warned that the US would face retribution because of the US Supreme Court’s ruling to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act two weeks ago.

“For some reason now the Supreme Court has said homosexuality is now a constitutional right and this decision that was handed down recently by the majority glorifies this activity and talks about the civil rights and all this,” he said.

He then cited Leviticus 18:28, to say:“Well, the Bible didn’t talk about civil rights it talked about this was an offense against God and it was an offense against the land and the land would vomit you out.”

Continuing, he defined homosexuality as an “abomination”, comparing it with incest and bestiality, and said such crimes should be punished with stoning to death.

“Which is going to take precedence, the Supreme Court of the United States or the holy word of God?” he asked, rhetorically.

Robertson last month spoke to say that he thinks allowing gay members in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) will mean “tearing up” the organisation “to accommodate a few kids that want to do sex with each other”.

Back in May, the BSA’s final vote on the issue of gay members took place in Dallas-Fort Worth, Grapevine, where over 60% of the 1,400 strong national council of local leaders, voted to lift the national ban. The ban on adult members remains in place.