Greece: Bishop threatens to excommunicate officials who support gay civil partnerships

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A bishop in Greece has threatened to excommunicate any officials in his diocese who support measures to legalise same-sex civil partnerships.

Greece’s ban on same-sex couples from entering civil unions violates the European Convention of Human Rights, the European court ruled. On Thursday 7 November, the European Court of Human Rights declared that excluding same-sex couples from any type of legal recognition was wrong.

Greece also this week announced legislation to legally recognise cohabiting same-sex couples.

The Orthodox Christian Bishop Seraphim of Piraeus, said homosexuality is a “terrible sin”, and that it was his duty to expel any official supporting the proposed changes.

Going on, he also called for am emergency meeting from the Holy Synod.

An Interior Ministry official on Thursday said changes in order to conform to the Strasbourg court’s ruling were “imperative”, however did not hint at when legislation may be brought to the Greek Parliament.