Lesbian couple to be first to marry at the Roman Baths

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A lesbian couple from London have announced they will be the first to exchange vows at the Roman Baths in Bath.

Alana McVey and Kirsy Hopton have announced that they will marry on 25 May, and intend to be the first couple to marry at the Baths, reports the Bath Chronicle.

31-year-old senior account manager Alana, said: “The Roman Baths are pretty unique, especially when you consider how many generations they have witnessed and all the changes and progress they have been a part of.

“To be the first gay couple to marry in a location like this only makes the significance even more poignant as it’s emphasising change and progress with gay rights in the UK too.

“As I was living in London and Kirst was in Cornwall when we first met, Bath is also us meeting in the middle which is pretty apt too.”

The couple met through a mutual friend several years ago, and dated long-distance for a while before Kirsty made the decision to move to London.

35-year-old Kirsty, a facilities manager, said: “We are both really looking forward to getting married at the Roman Baths.

“It is a beautiful place, and we were surprised when we found out that we could marry there.

“It will be great to be a part of history, and we can’t wait.”