Video: US pastor claims gay marriage is ‘an absurdity’ and fasting will save gays from hell

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This strange video shows Father Nicholas Gruner and host John Vennari of the US-based Fatima Center, as they answer the question “what about homosexual marriage?”.

Throughout the video, Vennari condemns the use of the equal sign, and the words “marriage equality” as “rhetoric and a fraud”.

Father Gruner responds to say that gays believe in “mystical nonsense”, to which Vennari states that “militant homosexuals push their lifestyle in our face and insist ‘you will accept this’.”

The pair also condemn couples who divorce, saying children brought up by same-sex parents, single parents or step-parents are “damaged” by the situation.

As well as describing “homosexual acts” as “intrinsically evil”, a “mortal sin”, and saying that “no set of circumstances which justify” being gay,” the pair compare the “sin” of homosexuality to the act of “stealing a pie.”

Vennari says: “If I am a soldier behind enemy lines and I am starving, and I see a pie in the window, and I take it. In a certain sense that is justified.”

Father Gruner concludes by homosexuality as a “weakness”, comparing it to someone who “likes to eat too much”, and saying that gays can be “saved from hell” by “fasting and abstinence”.

It is worth noting that Father Gruner was ordained in the diocese of Avellino, Italy, but suspended shortly afterwards by the Catholic Church, which confirms his suspension. He denies ever being suspended.

The Fatima Center also focusses a lot of time on attempting to have Russia consecrated.