Author of Russian anti-gay law sanctioned by US over role in Ukraine crisis

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The Russian politician who wrote and sponsored the country’s widely condemned anti-gay law is among various political figures to be subjected to sanctions because of their role in the Ukraine crisis.

Yelena Mizulina, wrote the country’s law which was signed by President Vladimir Putin last June. It bans the “promotion of non-traditional sexual relations” to minors, and has been heavily criticised by the international community.

Mizulina, a member of the state Duma, is among eleven figures to be sanctioned for having been “deemed to be responsible for the seizing of Crimea or otherwise interfering in Ukrainian sovereignty.”

President Obama signed the executive order today which means any assets belonging to the eleven within the US are to be frozen, and Americans will no longer be able to do business them.

The eleven will also be denied entry into the US. This is the second sanctions issued by Obama, the first round of which only denied visas.

The list names “several top aides or allies” of President Putin, but not Putin himself.

European politicians are due to announce a list of 21 sanctions, the names of whom will be available from Tuesday.

Mizulina was one of two deputies in the Russian State Duma  who last July requested that prosecutors file criminal charges of defamation against a gay rights activist, because they say he insulted public officials on Twitter.