Watch: Scott Lively preached hate in Uganda just before anti-gay law proposed

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A video has emerged of anti-gay American pastor Scott Lively addressing a conference in Uganda just before the country’s homophobic law was first drafted.

Yesterday, in an interview with Channel 4, Lively claimed that he had not contributed to anti-gay sentiment in the country, saying he “never did support” harsh penalties for gay people in Uganda, and “didn’t suggest that to them”.

However, Political Research Associates has today released the full video of his speech to a Ugandan anti-gay conference in 2009, just before the first draft of the homophobic bill began circulating.

Describing some gay men to the conference, he said: “They are so far from normalcy, that they’re killers. They’re serial killers, mass murderers. They’re sociopaths. there’s no mercy at all.”

He added that “this is the kind of person it takes to run a gas chamber”, and that the genocide in Rwanda “probably involved these guys”.

Lively, who is running for governor of Massachusetts, cheered on anti-gay legislation in Russia, branding Putin an ‘unlikely hero’ for passing it.

He recently called for homosexuality to be reclassified as a mental illness.

Watch the full video below: