Alan Carr: ‘The most homophobia I get is from gays’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Alan Carr has dismissed criticism of his new advertising campaign for animal charity PETA by saying: “Don’t worry Twitter they’ll be another bandwagon you can jump on in a minute.”

The Chatty Man presenter reacted furiously to suggestions that his new ad for PETA showed gay men in a stereotyped light.

In the ad Carr is depicted as a fairy with the slogan: “Be a little fairy for animals”.

Following a backlash from some he tweeted:

Followed by:

And then:

Claiming he had the upper hand. He said:

But then the comedian struck a more conciliatory tone.

PETA has defended the ad, saying: “PETA, like Marmite, welcomes vigorous discussion about our ads because getting people talking is the first step in raising awareness of important animal issues.”