US: NOM president ‘begging’ membership to show up to anti-gay rally

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The president of the National Organisation for Marriage is “begging” people to show up to the group’s anti-gay rally this month.

In a blog on the anti-gay group’s website, Brian Brown pleaded with members to show up to the ‘March for Marriage’, fearing a poor turnout in front of the media.

He wrote: “I know summer is a busy time. I know it is a great commitment to come to Washington, D.C. on a Thursday, to rally and march in the heat of a June day on behalf of the truth of marriage.

“I beg you to make every effort to join me in our nation’s capital on June 19th and stand with so many of your fellow citizens.

“The nation will be watching: the media, the politicians, the judges, and—most importantly—tens of millions of young Americans, whose generation is looking for guidance before taking their turn in leading our great nation.

“All of these will be watching—and so, we need to show up. We need to show that marriage is defended, and will continue to be defended… vigorously and with passion, in this generation and the next.

“Don’t you want to be able to tell your children and grandchildren that, when the decisive moment was upon us, we showed up?”

Republican congressman Tim Huelskamp will speak at the event, alongside failed Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.

The rally will be followed by a gala for which tickets cost up to $15,000 (£8960).

Last month, NOM had its bid to intervene in an Oregon court case thrown out, after it admitted in legal filings that it could not find a single person with legal standing in the state to publicly back their involvement.

Also last month the Maine Ethics Commission ordered the group to finally reveal a list of its donors, which it had kept private in violation of political donation laws.

The group is yet to comply fully with the ruling.

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