Nicole Scherzinger: Gay people are more empathetic and understanding

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Former X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger has said that she has a special “connection” with the gay community.

The former Pussycat Doll told Gay Times: “It’s a connection. It’s just this strong, proud, diva connection, I feel like. Everything who we want to be, right?

“I think that as strong and empowering as we are, we’re very vulnerable too.

“Men and women in the gay community just have a more understanding and empathetic heart, and at the same time, an empowering and encouraging, triumphant heart to come out of that.

“It’s the combination of tough resilience and glamour that gets us every time.

“I come alive when I’m at G-A-Y in front of the gay community. I feel the most powerful and have the most confidence, because they just bring it out of me, they embrace and celebrate that.”

“And I think in a gay club everything is always better, because you just feel the acceptance and the love.

“You feel like your energy comes out and you can just LIVE. And just work it and people will just love you even more for it, you know?”

In December, Scherzinger defended X Factor winner James Arthur, after he called another singer a “f***ing queer” in a rap battle.

She said: “I’m just there for him. I don’t read the press, I know who he is as a person, I know his heart. I’m just there to support him.”

Arthur confirmed last month that he had been dropped by Simon Cowell’s record label.