Sir Bob Geldof: China ‘doesn’t give a crap’ about fighting HIV

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Sir Bob Geldof has attacked China and Russia for their lack of funding for HIV/AIDS research.

The singer and renowned campaigner made the comments to the International AIDS Conference in Melbourne yesterday, giving the closing speech.

He warned that the fight against HIV/AIDS could fall “at the last hurdle” due to”indifference and incapable governance” displayed by some of the world’s leaders.

While he praised the US, the UK and Germany for their contributions to AIDS research funds, he attacked Russia, China and Saudi Arabia for failing to do so.

He said: “[I am] dismayed that you people have such difficulty, after such a great scientific global health success, that you still beg for cash.

“The rest of the world must face its responsibilities… the Germans gave $800 million, the British $760 millions, the glorious and generous Americans as ever, foot the bill.

“The rest of the world must come to the party. I don’t know how to get to the Chinese. They don’t give a crap about us. Somehow they must be made to pony up.”

He added that China had donated just $5 million from a GDP of $8 trillion, and condemned “that brute in the Kremlin” Vladimir Putin for his anti-gay laws and lack of help.

Bill Clinton’s speech to the conference earlier this week was disrupted by protesters, calling for a ‘Robin Hood’ tax on financial transactions to fund AIDS research.