Christian wedding boutique refuses dresses for lesbian couple

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A Christian wedding boutique in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, has found itself amid a controversy for refusing to serve a lesbian couple.

The WW Bridal shop’s owners spoke to local media, and admitted turning away a lesbian couple because of their religious beliefs.

They said they had sought legal counsel in case the couple decide to sue.

Because the state of Pennsylvania does not have a law banning discrimination based on sexual orientation, attorneys have suggested the shop may be within its rights.

One of the women originally posted on Facebook to state that she had called the shop to arrange fittings for her and her partner.

After being on hold for several minutes, a worker at the shop said she could not arrange the fitting “because they currently do not service same-sex couples — it’s just not something they do.”

Facebook commenters have taken to the social network to express their distaste at the actions of the shop.

One wrote: “As a fellow Christian, I’m ashamed of people like you. We are taught to love our neighbor regardless. Did you skip that part?”