Ex-councillor Alan Craig tells French protesters gay adoption is ‘child trafficking’

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As tens of thousands of anti-gay French protesters took to the streets of Paris and Bordeaux on Sunday, British ex-councillor Alan Craig stood to condemn IVF and surrogacy for gays as “child trafficking.”

According to Christian Concern, the former leader of the Christian Peoples Alliance warned protesters gathered in Paris that gay rights causes like equal marriage have caused a shut-down of freedom of speech in the UK.

He said: “We allow conscientious objectors even in time of war but teachers and marriage registrars – even van drivers – can lose their jobs in the UK if they express traditional or religious views about the marriage and sexual relationships.”

Alan Craig also condemned IVF and surrogacy as “child trafficking.”

“All children have an inalienable human right to their birth mother and father,” he said.

The adamantly anti-gay Manif Pour Tous (Protest for all) organised the demonstrations on Sunday.

The campaign claims surrogacy and IVF are anti-family, and some equated surrogate mothers to slaves. Others said the next step would be commercially producing babies, to allow gay and lesbian couples to take their pick.

Mr Craig, an ex-councillor for the London Borough of Newham, was nominated for Stonewall’s ‘Bigot of the Year’ award in 2012.

The year before he caused outrage by comparing gay equality advocates to the invading forces of Nazi Germany, dubbing them the “Gaystapo”.